Pets of the Week – October 8, 2012


She’s so happy she grins ear to ear, and she struts her gorgeous Pit-girl/mix stuff so gracefully she earned the name “Broadway.” But that’s the extent of the drama in her; this intelligent 2-year-old’s so cooperative your wish is her command. She’ll “sit” and fetch with glee, and even kennel herself on request — but her heartfelt favorite place to be is right by your side. Broadway’s performed brilliantly at several community events; she’s extremely well socialized and a smash hit with kids; her popularity with other dogs shines just as brightly, but she doesn’t like to share the stage with cats. She keeps her kennel clean and wouldn’t dream of tearing up her bed like lesser dogs; our staff gives her rave reviews! (Her adoption fee’s reduced because they’ve made her their pick for October.) Broadway’s pure loyalty will light up your home as never before, come meet your family’s newest star.


He’s the epitome of young masculine gentility, lean like a hunter but in pursuit only of your friendship — alert, responsive, and affectionate, a lap cat clad in striped dignity. One-year-old Ronnie was turned in by his owner and he’s been a model citizen ever since, shy at first but quick to adjust; happy to keep company with other cats, fine with dogs, and exactly the kind of sensitive, naturally refined cat-boy you’d trust with your kids. He’s so clean he’s a pleasure to hold, his coat is sleek and velvety at once; his purr’s as quietly abundant as the rest of his good-natured gifts, and his snuggle-warmth is delightfully dependable. Find the companion-prize of a lifetime; Ronnie’s love is as infinite as his stripes, ready and waiting to surround you and yours. (Ronnie’s currently available at PetSmart in Greenwood.)

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